Did you know that you can ally with your work colleagues?



Any work place presumes daily communication with colleagues. But a decent work can offer you more than that – the possibility to cooperate with them, which will produce benefits for you, as well as for the people you work with.


A decent work has to ensure the respect of your fundamental rights to freedom of association and collective negotiations. You can learn to maintain an efficient dialogue with employers, which foresees the right to form and be part of special associations – trade unions, designed to ensure the promotion of the employees and protection of their professional interests. 

Keep in mind: there is no need to act on your own in order to get where you want to. Sometimes you need to know how to work in a team, having the certainty that this is the way towards reaching your own objectives and collective ones. You and your colleagues have the right to associate in groups, this ensuring trustworthy allies and success for your team in the chosen professional field. 


Know your rights. Work decently!