Did you know that… Nobody can suppress your individuality?


There are many examples when a smart and talented young man, once getting a job is trying to be like everyone else. As if he would be afraid to express his opinions, to defend his beliefs, to demonstrate his abilities and skills. It is about the fear of not being understood, of being rejected, the fear that he could be marginalised.

You must not be afraid! A decent workplace is a place without discrimination.

Neither your religion, age, sex, race, sexual orientation or disability can stop you in your path to a successful career.

In a decent working place your individuality only will help you to accomplish yourself and to achieve your goals. Don't hesitate to demonstrate the sides of your personality, which make you different from others, because only differences make you unique. Because you're not the same as others and didn’t get lost in the crowd, you have been noticed and offered the chance to achieve success.

Know your rights! Work decently!

For more information about decent work for youth, please go to http://muncadecenta.md/